Headstones And Tombstones: How To Choose The Right One?

In most of the cultures, headstones and tombstones hold a lot of importance. After people leave, their families lay their coffins in the ground and then put up a stone with their name engraved on it. These are called as headstones. And, also in many cultures, the wealthy and affluent tend to bury their family members in a stone coffin and is covered by an elegantly designed stone lid. This lid is called as the tombstones. Both the tombstones and headstones are something that the family members choose from the departed family member. One can choose from various types of stones from kulit cerah (lang mo da dep ninh binh), type of engraving, carving, and skins.

Types of headstones and tombstones
When it comes to headstones and tombstones, the materials used tend to differ. One can pick based on their choice and budget. Some of the common materials used are:
• Granites
• Marble
• Fieldstone
• Iron
• Limestone
• Wood
• White bronze
• Sandstone
• Slate
Also in design and lang mo da xanh, the headstones and tombstones can differ. Most of the time these designs tend to have a certain meaning in them. Some of the common designs and carving include:
• Arches
• Column
• Cherub
• Anchor
• Dove
• Hourglass etc.
Choosing a headstone or tombstone
There are several options, and one should pick them based on these factors:
• Durability: the very crucial factor to take into account is the durability of the headstone. A headstone should last forever, and therefore, one should pick a material that will last.
• Finish: when it comes to the finish of the headstones, it completely depends on what the family members choose. The stone or material can be either semi-polished or fully polished with lang mo da hien dai. Also, many tend to pick eggshell finish or pitched finish for an aged look.
• Design: lastly, one should decide on how the headstone will be standing. One can choose upright ones that are most common. Also, there are options like curbed or flat, which lie flat on the ground.
In the end, it depends on how much the family is planning to spend. Also, one should discuss the church and cemetery regulation before deciding on a headstone or tombstone. This is because many cemeteries and churches tend to have very inflexible rules and regulations.
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