Where can the SaaS backend mobile apps apply?

A SaaS solution is one of the more accessible options for utilizing backend during mobile apps company. So what are some of the case scenarios when a SaaS is used?
Weather data
If you need weather data, your frontend app can fetch the same from the service that already exists in your mobile device. You can pay a monthly fee to services such as Open Weather Map, and you get the information without the need to build the app on your own.

Manageable content
In case the frontend app displays some images, texts, movies, or whatever media that you want to manage, it is possible to use services from headless cms like the Contentful. You are the one who will decide on the content you want to work on. It could be blog posts, articles, store products, news, or a menu in your restaurant.
You only require to create an account with Contentful, add the data for your credit card. From there, you can start adding the media list through the admin panel, that offers the service for free. The frontend apps can then get the content via API, which is a backend application for public interface.
If you are designing an online store, you can use the services of established apps like Shopify. The platform will give you a backend that is ready to use on your mobile app. It allows the admin of the panel to manage your stocks, products, payments, and shipments.
When you utilize such services, it is possible to save money that you could have used on the implementation of the backend app. They are platforms that have their subscription costs but still cheaper as compared to creating backend from scratch.
There are plenty of such services that can easily fit the needs of your app.